How to Use a Coffee Compass For Your Brew

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When you’re new to brewing your own coffee, you may be wondering how to use a coffee compass to make the most delicious cup of java. This simple tool is perfect for beginners, but even coffee experts can benefit from this useful tool. A compass is a great way to determine the exact temperature and grind of your beans, as well as the flavour and aroma of your brew. It’s like playing Monopoly for your brew, but it’s much more fun.

A coffee compass helps you fine-tune your brew to taste the right blend for your own taste and preferences. It’s like a cheat sheet for brewing your own drink. If your brew is lemony, the arrow will point you toward a sour cup. If you’re brewing with a V60 filter, it might be necessary to grind your coffee more finely than if you’re using a drip machine. Once you have found the sweet spot on your repass, move on to the next zone.

A coffee compass can also help you with filter brewing. There are several factors that affect the flavour of your brew, and a faulty brew ratio can ruin your cup of joe. This metric is designed to help home and professional baristas dial in new recipes or tweak an existing recipe. It is important to note that a coffee re-roaster will not be able to identify the exact flavor of your beans, but it will be a good way to tweak your existing brew to make it better.

Another thing a coffee compass can do for you is to help you with your brew. The best brewers will use the ratios of water to coffee that work best for them. If you’re using an AeroPress, remember to measure your coffee by weight rather than volume. As you go up in strength, the weight of your brew will increase or decrease. The brew ratio can also change. Changing your brewed ratio can drastically affect the strength of your brew.

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A coffee compass will help you determine the exact ratio of water to coffee. By measuring the ratio, you can find the most flavorful brew with the right amount of water. If you want to experiment with your brewing process, a solubles yield chart can help you figure out exactly how much coffee you need. If you’re using a coffee kompass for your brew, you can see the exact ratios of water to coffee by using the SCA’s Brewing Control Chart.

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